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Real marble benchtops are a luxurious addition to any new kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of marble is that it is such a unique surface, with its veining and patterning. And the fact that no two pieces of marble are ever exactly alike makes for stunning kitchen benchtops. This makes for a timeless elegance and beauty that is highly desirable.


Marble is one of the most beautiful benchtop materials available. In terms of pure aesthetic appeal, it is probably the single best kitchen benchtop material. Marble can come in many colours and with many different patterns or veins, each one as breathtaking as the last. This means that you are almost guaranteed to find a suitable style and tone for your kitchen in marble. Like all natural stone, it is heat resistant and durable – though marble is slightly softer than some of the other natural stone options.


Why choose Marble kitchen stone?

Marble is one of the hardest natural stones. It’s composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica and other minerals.

The grains of the rock are visible to the naked eye, giving the stone its characteristic texture and patterning.

You’ll find a range of available colours; from creams through to green, browns and blacks. Some have pearl features which produce a “one of a kind” look.

Durability is a big plus with granite benchtops. They are among the best when it comes to heat resistance, and will withstand most staining and scratching.

Still, keep in mind that all surfaces are susceptible to sudden and extreme temperature changes. That can cause cracking, so – as we’ve said previously – it’s always best to avoid placing hot pots and pans directly onto any surface.

View our marble benchtop project gallery for inspiration.

Replace your old kitchen benchtop with an marble benchtop

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